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28 Sep 2020
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Topic: CCAI Bulletin

Member #2
03-06-2020, 13:52
CCAI Bulletin

Dear Dhanish, I want to refer to the CCAI Bulletin in which my article on Dr Surveyor had been published by Mr G P Suman, the then Editor of the Bulletin, Please help me in this regard. I know you did the splendid job of uploading all Bulletins but unfortunately I am not able to access them. Regards, Vijay D Pandit.
Member #12
09-07-2020, 16:41
Re: CCAI Bulletin

Dear Shri Pandit,
Shri Dhanish is now inactive in AICCF.
The websites on which he was maintaining CCAI Bulletins are no longer active.
However you may contact him on his yahoo email address. (He does not appear to respond on his gmail address)..
I am sending you his full contact details in your email.

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