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18 Aug 2019
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Topic: Link to Thematic tournaments

Anil Anand
Member #433
13-08-2016, 16:20
Link to Thematic tournaments

I propose that a separate link may please be provided for Thematic tournaments(Ongoing as well as Completed) on AICCF Webserver.

A snapshot of the Initial position after opening moves may be provided similar to what is available on the ICCF server:

The Tournament numbers(such as 7414,etc.), Start date/Completed date (as appropriate),links to respective cross-tables & other important info may also be indicated.

Anil Anand
Member #433
21-12-2017, 11:59
Re: Link to Thematic tournaments

Dear Dr. Chatterjee,

We have already organized several Thematic tournaments in AICCF such as King's gambit, Evans' gambit, Two Knights' Traxler, Caro-Kann Gurgenidze, Smith-Morra gambit and recently Marshall's gambit. However, Readers have no quick access to these Thematics because the tournament nos are not known.

Will it be possible to provide a link as requested by me earlier? 

One idea would be to provide a separate link as follows:

7-player: 7001-7418, 4-player: 4001-4628
Championships: 1501-1516, Specials: 1801-1805;
Team matches: T001-T008

New: Thematics:Th001-Th005


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