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24 May 2019
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Topic: Thematic Tournament of AICCF.

Aniruddha Dutta Gupta
Member #49
15-08-2016, 16:23
Thematic Tournament of AICCF.

I have observed that Thematic Tournaments in AICCF are rated. However, recently I was going through the start list of various ICCF thematic Tournaments and found games of all Thematic Tournaments in ICCF are unrated. In addition to AICCF I play extensively in FICGS, a popular chess playing site, where also, all the Thematic Tournaments are unrated. Though being unrated Tournaments, Thematic Tournaments attract most of the higher rated players. In ICCF and FICGS they use this as a platform for trying new ideas in the lines selected. Hope AICCF Management Committee will give it a thought. I'm sure, if the games become unrated, participation of members in Thematics will be more and many interesting games will come out.
Member #12
01-09-2016, 10:07
Re: Thematic Tournament of AICCF.

Dear Aniruddha,
Please do not click the back button of your browser while posting on the forum. It results in garbled text!!
I have corrected your message so that we can read it.

Unfortunately it is still true that we are getting 403 Forbidden sometimes and this may be the reason why you are clicking the back button. I will attend to this problem shortly.
Member #12
03-09-2016, 11:54
Re: Thematic Tournament of AICCF.

Dear Aniruddha,

Long back we decided that there is no use playing in any game unless it is rated. Many of our members were joining ICCF Thematic (free) in the hope of earning an ICCF rating.

But after 2 years they were sad to learn that they did not get a rating.
At present even these unrated Thematics on ICCF Server are no longer free.

In AICCF server all games are rated. Members may comment on our decision.

Ankur Singh
Member #544
12-09-2016, 11:46
Re: Thematic Tournament of AICCF.

ICCF thematic tournaments are free ?

Although i am in support of Unrated Theme tournament or having a different rating system for thematic tournaments. Where everyone will be having two ratings one is normal rating and other is theme rating. Having different rating may encourage  participation in theme type tournaments.

Anil Anand
Member #433
18-09-2016, 10:57
Re: Thematic Tournament of AICCF.

I support a "rated" Thematic tournament so that players have a competitive spirit & do not make a silent withdrawal when the going gets tough!

Of course, getting top AICCF players to play in Thematic tournaments is a personal choice dictated by personal circumstances. Not everyone is interested in trying "offbeat" lines so I believe that we should have both "mainstream" & "offbeat" Thematic tournaments at regular intervals. I have even gone further & suggested having a separate link to Thematic tournaments.

Mohan Jayaraman
Member #405
25-09-2016, 18:12
Re: Thematic Tournament of AICCF.

My personal preference is to have only rated games for thematic or any tournament organised by aiccf.

Also single rating system is my preference rather than one for normal rating and other for theme rating.

As Anil Anand has rightly observed that many are not interested in thematic tmts and I can be included in them. 


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