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24 May 2019
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Topic: Option to read our past Messages

Ankur Singh
Member #544
14-09-2016, 19:40
Option to read our past Messages

While i was having a match with Anil Anand sir there came a scenario "We were discussing on some matter during the game through messages  after that  we forgot about what the discussion were going on since we had a long break between moves . 
If there was a option where we could see our past messages of that game it would have been a different scenario.
So i would like to suggest a option to see our past messages of that particular game.

With Regards,
Ankur Singh
Anil Anand
Member #433
18-09-2016, 10:50
Re: Option to read our past Messages

Thanks Ankur for raising this matter.I had raised a similar request a couple of years back with Dr. Chatterjee to have access to view messages/conversations sent by originator in AICCF Emails. Today, only the opponent has the ability to view messages sent by you. The problem with the existing system is that you tend to forget the context esp. after a long gap in reply, as has happened in the present case.

This facility was always available with ICCF Emails where both sender & receiver can view their respective Emails & messages.

Moreover, I feel that this facility will also help players annotate their own games where a conversation on the game position has happened with the opponent in the past. In fact,I was checking out my conversations with late Neelakantan (who passed away recently) in our two games but could read only his messages but not my own responses.

I'm sure Dr. Chatterjee can improve upon the ICCF facility to view all past messages.

Mohan Jayaraman
Member #405
25-09-2016, 18:07
Re: Option to read our past Messages

My thoughts :

- Some time back Dr Ambar did introduce the option to read all past messages in the same game. The result of this was unsatisfactory - if memory serves me right the message as also the games got garbled in the process and the implementation had to be reversed asap.

- Dr Ambar has built the AICCF Webserver as a One Man Army without any support from other capable members in AICCF - maybe they have too busy schedules to get into things other than playing chess. (For the record my knowledge of software development or testing is next to NIL).

- Dr P.B.Dhanish has already pointed out to the AICCF Management of the inherent risk in the website being run and managed by just ONE PERSON. Currently the situation seems unavoidable.

- Members are adding their own wishlist as to what all features they would like to see added. Though many of these may seem simple, the reality is that any additional feature will have its attendant risks. In my view we should keep these changes to a minimum only for pretty important requirements.

- Coming to the current matter, all members can opt to chat on google chat (or yahoo or any thing they are comfortable with) and avoid these changes which can be risky. Most of these chats allow these messages to be stored.

- In conclusion members should proactively hold their wishlist in check UNLESS it is quite important for playing the game (like 6 man table base adjudications / conditional moves etc)
Member #12
12-10-2016, 21:30
Re: Option to read our past Messages

Dear Ankur and Mohan Jayaraman
I can take up displaying old messages. No there is no problem about anything else getting spoiled as a result.
However just now there are more urgent tasks for me.
1. I have to print and post the August bulletin copies. I couldn't do it so far because of other pending work.
2. There is a lot of work needed on the new Afro-Asian Server.
3. My priority is the Rating System based on ICCF formulas. This is needed for both AICCF and AA Servers. I want to complete it in next 15 days.

So far, no one else has been able to help in the software tasks. However I have shared the passwords and maintenance procedures with Dr. Alok Saxena. In case I am not able to attend, he, or another person can take over the maintenance tasks.

But there are many tasks beyond software - we are receiving some assistance from Sailesh Chandra, Anil Anand, Mohan Jayaraman, Umesh Nair. Unfortunately what we get is suggestions, while what we need is action.

I wonder if anyone is ready to take on publication of the AICCF Bulletin. All it requires is Microsoft Word - no software skills. Is no one ready to take on this work? We can forego the printed bulletins - the online edition should be enough. This will reduce my burden by a huge deal.

I made some changes in the Forum software.
Messages can now be in Hindi also - no problem: संदेश हिंदी में भी हो सकता है। कोई problem नहीं

To type messages in Hindi, start your message with the word Hindi at the beginning of the message.

WIth regards
Ambar Chatterjee

Member #12
17-10-2016, 20:13
Re: Option to read our past Messages

I have implemented the facility to see past messages in games. When you open a game where it is your turn to move you will see a new button "View all messages" inside the opponents Message box. Clicking this opens a pop-up window showing all the messages exchanged in the game.

I did not provide a facility to see all messages in games where it is the opponent's turn. Probably this is not required.

However, I am thinking about the possibility to view or download all messages exchanged in a game that is finished, as that may be helpful while annotating games for the bulletin.

Mohan Jayaraman wrote:
- In conclusion members should proactively hold their wishlist in check ....

Please do not do that. Do not hesitate to make suggestions. I will implement facilities as an when I get time.

Ankur Singh
Member #544
19-10-2016, 08:37
Re: Option to read our past Messages

aapka bahut bahut Dhanyawaad

If its not in hindi i would like to have a detailed explanation to type in hindi.
Member #12
21-10-2016, 02:50
Re: Option to read our past Messages

पे लिखें । फिर  Paste करें ।

Avoid adding English text (like this) once you set Hindi on top, otherwise you may get 403 Forbidden Error and have to type the message all over again.

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