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20 Jun 2019
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Topic: start of new thematic tournament

Ganesh Hegde
Member #572
23-12-2018, 21:29
start of new thematic tournament

I feel a new thematic tournament must be started. Marshall attack is passe...
Anil Anand
Member #433
14-01-2019, 10:15
Re: start of new thematic tournament

I agree that it is time to start a new Thematic tmt.

Based on previous discussions, the following Themes are proposed:

 (a) Blumenfeld gambit: 1. d4 Nf6 2.c4 c5 3.d5 e6 4.Nf3 b5!? 

(b) Alekhine's defence, four pawns attack 1. e4 Nf6 2. e5 Nd5 3. d4 d6 4. c4 Nb6 5. f4

Om Prakash had some ideas in mind. If he could respond, it would be most welcome. All members are welcome to give their suggestions.

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