Dr. A.B. Surveyor was one of the founders of AICCF in 1999 and one of its important members. In 2006 he became President of AICCF. He took over from Shri P.M.Dalvi who had become President after the untimely death of Founder President, Shri H.J.Samtani.

Dr. Surveyor was a Dentist by profession. He started his career in dentistry in 1955 and actively pursued even upto the age of 72. He had his own private practice as Consultant Oral Physician for 21 years. He was consultant for both Jaslok Hospital and Parsee General Hospital in Mumbai. He had been Dean of Admissions and Professor Emeritus at Government Dental College and Hospital, Mumbai and Professional Consultant for Colgate-Palmolive (I) Ltd.

He was Fulbright Scholar at the University of Pennsylvania, USA during 1971-72. He had always been not only a practising dentist but also an academician. He had over 75 scientific research papers and had authored several books.

He was a man not only of dental science but also of the Arts having authored 12 plays, several poems and articles. He also produced, directed and acted in several plays.

With such a broad range of interests and an exceptional intellect, it was not surprising that Dr. Aspi Surveyor developed chess as a hobby and took to CC. In OTB his best success was Joint 1st in the National Vaidya Memorial Tournament of 1969. And in CC, as many of us probably know, he was National Correspondence Champion (CCAI) during 1979-86 and 1989-91.

In chess circles Dr. Surveyor was best known for his analytical abilities. Give him a position and he could pour over it literally for 10 hours a day until satisfied. No wonder he became CC champion during his prime, and this despite such a busy academic and professional life.

He was a fit person as President AICCF having the longest CC experience and most varied overall chess experience as compared to the other office bearers of AICCF. He served as President from 2006 till he handed over to Dr Ambar Chatterjee in 2015

Here is an extract from the AICCF Bulletin, Feb 2014:

President Dr. A.B.Surveyor Gracefully Steps on 80

AICCF President Dr. A.B.Surveyor turned 80 on 30th November 2013. His birthday was celebrated with family and friends at the Princess Victoria Mary Gymkhana, Cooperage on Friday, 3rd January, 2014 at 7:30 pm.

The remarkable part about the celebration was not the pomp and show and the 225 guests who dined and congratulated Dr. Aspi Surveyor at the party. It was that Dr. Surveyor was admitted to Jaslok Hospital’s Intensive Cardiac Care unit on 28th December. That he could recover from a life threatening condition and entertain guests, three days after surgery speaks of his tremendous zest and exuberance, paralleled only by the same energy in his chess games (both CC abd OTB).

Chess Mate published a tribute to Dr. Surveyor in the Nov/Dec 2013.. For those who are not aware – Dr. Surveyor is a celebrated dental surgeon with degrees from the University of Bombay and Pennsylvania. He is Consultant Jaslok Hospital & Research Center and B.D.Petit Parsi General Hospital, Hon. Professor Oral Medicine & Radiology, Govt Dental College & Hospital, Mumbai.

It may interest readers to know that at the age of 80, the good doctor has revived his participation in CC by joining the India – Norway Friendly International Match. He is playing 2 games against Erik Hoidahl on Board 3 on the ICCF server. He initially applied for 7 days leave in the games, but shortened it to 3 days!