Conditional Moves on AICCF Server

Conditional moves are sequences of moves suggested by a player. The opponent may accept, or play a different move.
After conditional moves are enabled, it will be available for all games including those in progress.
Conditional moves are an optional feature. A player may or may not suggest conditional moves.
Suggesting variations is a way of speeding up the game (a) in the openings (b) when a capture is made and the opponent is most likey to recapture (c) when there is a forced sequence (d) in the end-game or other situations when the opponnent's options are limited.
Unlike other CC servers, the conditional moves interface on our server allows multiple sequences and branches. Moreover the suggested sequences are immediately visible to the opponent.
  • To add conditional sequences with your move:
    1. Make your move on the graphical board and click Submit as usual
    2. On the right you will see a new interface. You can add uoto 4 variations (called a, b, c, d) by clicking Add Variation and then making moves for both sides on the graphical board. If you are White, you must start with a Black move. As you make moves, the notation appears in a variation box. If you make a mistake, click Clear Variation or Clear All Variations.
    3. The length of a variation is limited to 16 moves (8 ply).
    4. You can create branches in conditional sequences. Suppose you are White, making the first move 1.e4 and wish to add:
      if 1...e5 then 2.Nf3 and now if 2...Nc6 then 3.Bb5 but if 2...Nf6 then 3.Nc3

      You can achieve this by entering two variations:
      1...e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5

      1...e5 2.Nf3 Nf6 3.Nc3

      In this way sub branches are also possible (but you are limited to entering only 4 variations).
    5. Variations must not be repeated, or be a part of another. Variations should must be consistent. For example the following is inconsistent:
      1...e5 2.Nf3

      1...e5 2.Nc3

      Variatiations must be complete, i.e. must end with your move. The server wont accept variations that have errors or are incomplete.
    6. Variations can end in mate. The server will show only check, not mate - but when the opponent moves, the game will automatically end in mate and be scored by the server.
    7. Carefully check the move you played and all the variations and click Confirm. After this you cannot take back your move or any of the suggested continuations.
    8. When the opponent plays a move suggested in one of your variations, the game advances with no action from your side, even if you are on leave.
    9. Variations can be made using either of the options Drag-Drop or Touch-Touch in your preferences but not Typing. Drag-Drop is meant for PCs while Touch-Touch works on mobiles, tablets as well as PCs. The Typing option is only to meet an emergency situation where Drag-Drop and Touch-Touch are both failing on your device - in such a case you wont be able to suggest conditional variations, however there wont be a problem in replying to conditional moves.
  • When the opponent has suggested variations, it will show up when you go to the game. (It will also show in your email notification - if enabled). The variations will appear in your game notation box.
    1. You can now make any move in the usual way and click Submit
    2. If the move you are trying to play is a move suggested by the opponent, you can not input any conditional moves. After you Submit and Confirm, the opponent's reply occurs immediately. When you return to your Games Page, you see that the game has advanced by 1 more move and it is still your turn. (N.B.: By playing a move the opponent suggested you are not accepting the entire line, just 1 move).
    3. You could be playing a move the opponent did not suggest. In this case you can suggest variations if you want.