ICCF 22nd CC Olympiad Prelim

The tournament will start on January 13th, 2020.
Details are to be found on ICCF site.
Those who want to play should send an email to DrAmbargmail.com by 15th October 2019.
The 6 players selected for the Indian team will be required to deposit fees Rs. 1300/- to AICCF account.

Entries received so far (6 will be selected):

1523Sasikiran, Krishnan 2803302556
2595Kannappan, Priyadharshan 2810572463 (FIDE)
3508Prakash, Om 2802432430
4530Dutta, Amit 2804652394
5264Kapoor, Lalit 2801132377
6499Turaga, Mohan 2802242354
7100Chauhan, Rakesh Kumar 2800872340
8561Datta, Devangshu 2801302336
9455Akkaraju, Sailesh Chandra2801872303
10 69De, Gautam 2800882284